Thoughts from the Mat

I’ve been thinkin’…

Most yogis have a pose that challenges them every stinkin’ time. In this pose five breaths feel like an eternity and “OM” feels more like “OW”.

Runners talk about a slumpy stretch of road / trail/ time before they hit their stride, when it feels pretty darn tempting to quit.

You’re “stuck” at home – maybe with kids in the mix, maybe fighting feelings of loneliness and boredom – being challenged to hold a pose that is powerful, pretzely, and maybe even a little painful, while through it all you’re just trying to breathe.

Photo by Z S on Unsplash

This is the point where you think you can’t do any more, and I’m here to remind you that


Whether you’re on the trail, the yoga mat, in front of a simmering pot on the stove, hanging with your family, on a walk down a quiet street, or wherever you are when the feeling strikes you – I think it holds true that when things seem most challenging or most doomed to fail, this is when you’ll find the most value if you dig deep instead.

So just when you think you can’t handle any more…

(“If the kid’s scream one more time…” / “If I have to go one more day without seeing my people…” / “I’m just not cut out for this…” etc)

…I want to encourage you to dig deep.

Because on the other side of that breath, just around that next corner, just beyond this challenging moment, exists another stronger, bigger, more beautiful version of yourself you will be glad to be acquainted with.


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