Our Commitments

We find it incredibly important to share our position, feelings, and commitments to the Black Lives Matter movement. It is critical for us all to make changes and efforts to dismantle the deeply ingrained systemic racism that plagues our country.

Putting it plainly and committing to it fully. At the center of our commitment is an unwavering, undeniable focus on love. Every motion we have moving forward will be with this love. Love that we owe to the Black community, love they have always deserved and haven’t received. The things we’ve committed to are only the beginning and we are so grateful to be on this journey even though it should have started so long ago.

After our donation match of $1000 has been achieved, we will continue to support Black owned businesses, artists, and organizations with out dollars. We need to put our money where our mouth is and support these communities that have been unjustly oppressed.

Seek beauty. KEEP HOPE. Give kindness.

Together we can help reshape our society, improve our systems, and right the many wrongs that have been happening for so long.

I commit to learning, yet I realize that learning alone is not enough. My learning needs to evolve from third-hand history to first-person awareness of how I play a part. There is so much going on right now. Layers upon layers of pain, confusion, sadness, suffering, injustice, misfortune, hardship, uncertainty….And none of this is new news. This is tragically familiar territory. We’ve all read the history books and unfortunately some of our fellow souls have lived these stories for too long… over and over again. Whether we’re talking about a viral pandemic or systematic racism, these are not new yarns were spinning here. When it comes to racism, inequality, and injustice, we – as a business, a team, a community – want to step forward with humility, open minds, soft hearts, and strong convictions, and we invite you to join us. We need each other right now. We need to be pulling together, not pushing apart.

I commit to amplifying Black voices. While now is a time for us to listen actively, learn intently, and act consistently – it is also a time to amplify the voices we need to hear the most. Voices like @rachel.cargle@wastefreemarie@lightwatkins, and so SO many more will show us how to be stronger allies even though they shouldn’t have to. .
We commit to helping these voices be as loud as possible

There is an incredibly important conversation happening right now. It’s not a new conversation but we invite you to join us in doing our best to listen with new ears, with open hearts, with humility.
It’s important to listen with the desire to understand – not just listening for our turn to speak.
We are listening. And learning. And doing our best to align our actions with our intentions, which is why we will match any donations made during the month of June to organizations working towards social justice, racial equality, police accountability, and to support communities of color

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