When you’re feeling a little lost

Raise your hand if you’ve felt like this before: You feel lost, you can’t quite see the path ahead, you’re not sure where to turn or which way to go. Surely this can happen at any point during a hike or when wandering about. But it can also happen in your heart. Where we thought we were heading has changed. Our finish lines have moved their congratulatory banners.

It’s easy to meet these moments with judgement. “I’m not doing enough”, “My plans are ruined”, “I’m never going to do x,y,z”, “So and so is already doing such and such”, “I don’t know what to do.”

What if, instead of hostility, resentment, and the hastiness to change, we met that moment with patience, kindness, and calm? Easier said than done of course but incredibly worth the effort.

Can I share a poem with you? Something I return to when the path seems unclear, a gentle reminder of leaning into the moment and letting it guide me.

“Lost” by David Wagoner

You are not lost.

Let the world come and find you.

For your journey:

Be well friends!

-xo, Baylie

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