Are you spreading weeds or wildflowers?

Do you find it as hard as I do to recognize the difference between a “good” plant and a “bad” plant?

What makes a weed, a weed? Why is a flower a flower, and how am I supposed to tell the difference?

Weeds spread accidentally, quickly, effortlessly. Before you know it, they’re everywhere and are hard to get rid of. They’re not picky about where they root. They need little and grow quickly.

Weeds grow so tenaciously, so ubiquitously, so stubbornly that they prevent other plants from growing as well. Weeds take over, crowd out, gobble up valuable nutrients, dominate, and multiply until the other plants don’t stand a chance.

Flowers and vegetables need tending, care, rich soil, regular watering. Some are fussier than others, but they all reward us with beautiful blossoms, intoxicating fragrances, bountiful bouquets or actual edible food to put on the table.

Wildflowers are perfectly adapted to their specific micro-climates. Temperature, aspect, light, soil, water, and surroundings harmonize to support a wildflower’s sometimes delicate and fleeting blooms. We hike to discover and appreciate wildflowers. We take photos. We marvel.

And I’m not just talkin’ daisies and dandelions. I’m getting philosophical here…

To see our lives blossom and produce some real goodness, we have to be intentional and put in the work.

I don’t know about you, but it’s so much easier to let anger, judgment, frustration, impatience and so many other unhelpful patterns take root without even noticing. These things are sneaky – they sprout up without our permission. If we don’t take the time to nurture and care for the parts of ourselves we do want to grow, and manage the things that aren’t serving us… We’ll just end up with a garden of weeds before we know it.

• Is your garden like mine: full of weeds threatening to crowd out the flowers?

• Does it blow your mind to see a wildflower growing straight out of what appears to be a solid rock? Or nestled beside a mountain trail?

• Are you apartment-bound, longing for a plot of earth to tend?

• Or are you a master gardener?

Whatever the case may be, we are sending you nothing but flowering and gardening goodness.

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