A New Kind of wealth Management

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been thinking about relationships. Beauty. Accountability. How we earn our livelihoods. (Do you hear that word? Livelihood.) How are we living? What do we spend our time on? What are we paying attention to? Here’s my two cents (pun intended 😉

In this economy, wealth is determined by how freely riches flow between yourself and others, rather than how much you stockpile.


While there are still such things as investments, dividends, and bonuses, you cannot protect your fortune by being thrifty, miserly, or cautious. There will be no charts of accounts, no interest payments, no such thing as debts, taxes, counterfit.


This is a global economy – one free from exchange rates, inflation, tariffs. A warm smile is now the equivalent of a penny on the sidewalk. Food banks, safe houses, and homeless shelters fill the pages of glossy magazines, their health and vitality tracked globally with ticker tapes and newsreels. Mothers and fathers, caregivers, housekeepers, healthcare workers are the new celebrities: revered & idolized.


Gone are the days of buyer’s remorse, budgeting, and having to choose between paying the bills and buying groceries. In this economy there is no such thing as frivolous spending. The old adage has evolved and while our grandparents used to tell us that “a penny saved is a penny earned,” now they tell us “a penny spent is how you earn your fortune.”


Go spend freely, be generous, and trade in this type of market the way spring brings warmth, life, and flowers.


Sending you days filled with light, peace, and joy.

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