Beauty in Imperfection

Has your day ever felt like a snowman without a face?

As if you got pretty close, but didn’t quite finish? Or – maybe you had it all perfect and then the darn thing melted into an unrecognizable smushy mess?

I read something recently about letting go of some of our expectations during this season, and doing our best to change our metric of success from productivity to presence.

As we do the daily things we are called to do – raising kids, staying healthy, showing up well in our relationships, staving off loneliness, anxiety, depression, or just getting our work done – my wish for all of us is to see beauty in imperfection.

…To be present. To make room for joy. To recognize that we are winning if we are breathing. That nothing is expected of us except to do the best we can in any given moment.

Here’s wishing you peace, presence, and a dusting of laughter over the coming days.

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