5 Great Ways to Gift

Don’t just think your thanks…

When things are nutty, busy and chaotic, when it feels like we can’t handle one more straw on the proverbial camel’s back, when things feel all out of balance internally, at home, nationally, globally, these are the times when we’ve really gotta be there for one another.


For the adventure-seeking couple who would have had a wedding this summer.

A perfect care package for the teacher zooming the extra mile for students.


I’ve been touched to see our customers sending gifts, goodies, and greetings:

  • a thank you package to a teacher
  • a tea lover’s gift box to a friend celebrating a milestone birthday at a distance
  • a set of nursery prints for an expecting mama’s baby registry
  • a custom set of camp mugs to help celebrate a wedding

When you can’t be there in person, send a gift for a virtual baby shower.

For the friend who has wanderlust, feeling stuck at home.


Who in your life needs a little gift?

Is it someone who had to postpone a wedding? Or someone expecting a baby? Someone who’s celebrating an anniversary? Or your children’s teacher(s) who are managing students in person and on zoom? Do you know someone whose life is turned upside down by wildfires or hurricanes or even isolation and loneliness right now?

Lift someone’s spirits who is stuck in front of a screen for classes or meetings.


Send someone some love right now. We can even gift wrap it for you. 😉

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