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ARTWORK FROM THE NEW 2021 WALL CALENDAR Sweet Darkness by David Whyte When your eyes are tiredthe world is tired also. When your vision has goneno part of the world can find you. Time to go into the darkwhere the night has eyesto recognize its own. There you can be sureyou are not beyond love. […]

5 Great Ways to Gift

Don’t just think your thanks… When things are nutty, busy and chaotic, when it feels like we can’t handle one more straw on the proverbial camel’s back, when things feel all out of balance internally, at home, nationally, globally, these are the times when we’ve really gotta be there for one another.   For the […]

Hold Fast

A(nother) Lesson from Nature Sometimes things don’t go as planned. OK. Often things don’t go as planned. The tides have their pull, the moon has its cycles, the future is a flippin’ mystery. We all know that change is inevitable, so what is there to really hold onto? It’s easy to feel adrift, or on […]

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